Andrew Blikken

A Country Gentleman managing the 3 Andrews Ranch, a producer and mover of goods on Amazon, and a creator of engaging content on his favorite topics.

We help ourselves and others by
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The Big Picture

In just over 40 years, I’ve done a lot with my life. I’ve learned many things the hard way, but also benefited from some wonderful mentors along the way. On my blog, you can learn from my mistakes and skip the learning curve. Together, we’ll create systems in your life that lead to self-sufficiency and abundance for your family.

In the Beginning…

My story began in Florida, where I was born to US Navy parents: Warren and Kathy. We bounced from Hawaii to California to Maine and finally to Texas, just in time for DFW to enter a decades-long boom.

This was in 3rd grade, and I was tossed into a brand new situation – farm life in Pilot Point Texas. Cows, chickens, hay and our family garden got us started, and we’ve had to learn each of them – the hard way!

After finishing high school, I was quickly accepted to the University of North Texas, where I learned about economics, history, philosophy and writing. And I took enough German classes to test as ‘fluent’, deshalb darfst du mir ein Bier einkaufen!

Career in the City

Once I finished my bachelor’s degree, I accepted a job offer in St. Petersburg, Florida. Working for DeVry Univeristy was an excellent experience and an employer I’d recommend to everybody. And thank you very much for financing my Masters’!

Thru the course of my Masters’ courses, I had the idea to start myBike, the precursor to Tampa Bay Bike Share, now Coast.

The idea of bike share attracted considerable attention and press. I’m thrilled to have been part of the effort, and thankful to those who helped make bike share come true for Tampa and St. Pete.

Meeting my Tribe

In the process, I met a wonderful woman, Lisa Renee Wilcox. Together we operated Wilcox Law, PA until COVID caused us to reassess our living situation.

We planned the most wonderful wedding at the Plantation Inn in Crystal River.

Then, along came Jackson. We had a wonderful time and a very warm reception at the Feather Sound Country Club.

Why Self-Reliance?

Because I love my land, my clean air, and the abundant wildlife that live with me. Now I write helpful guides about:

Farming, aquaponics, native birds, honeybees, tools, equipment, lawn care, tractors, water management, home repair, home office, do-it-yourself guides, solar energy, power management, property ops, chickens, dogs, hunting, gardening, upcycling and more

Where I belong

On my blog, I blend tried-and-true solutions with high-tech automation. This includes hydroponics, aquaponics, farming, gardening, hunting, woodworking, well digging, solar power, and a whole host of other big ideas

And I’m grateful that my path has led me back here, to my real home on the range.

So welcome, my friends, to the blog of the Prodigal Son.

Thanks for stoppin’ by

Andrew Blikken
Andrew Blikken

Blikken Fam @ Bucs Stadium
Blikken Fam @ Bucs Stadium
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