Andrew Blikken Resume


Professional Profile

I am: An energetic entrepreneur; Well versed in NLP, motivation techniques, team leadership, management and the value of FUN; Experienced in marketing, online sales, and advertising; A visionary strategist, clear communicator, fastidious organizer, ethical leader & Proud Texan; An ardent student of history, science, philosophy & technology; A practicing Stoic.

Skills and Proficiencies

Cloud-native with talent in: Google Suite Apps and Management, Microsoft Suite, Salesforce, Slack, Zoom, Agile Software, Lastpass, Enpass, Chrome & Brave Browsers, and VPNs; Proficient in Advanced Banking, Lending Products, CC Processing, Corporate Financing, Crypto, Cold Storage, & Node Running; Skilled with Content Marketing, WordPress, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, Surfer SEO, RankMath, RankIQ, Koala Writer, Chat GPT, Prompt Engineering, Generative AI.

Professional Experience

Keylink.Agency COO

02/2023 – Present
● Refined, designed and published content for Choice Roofing Care and Texas Best Solar
● Used Content Markeing strategies to understand content opportunities and craft articles.
● Secured valuable backlinks with targeted outreach campaign to drive traffic and Domain Rank.

3 Andrews Founder & Owner

01/2014 – Present
● Created multiple online revenue streams, hired a team of 5, peak year of 3.2mm USD sales
● Thrived in my startup, from bootstrapping products to manufacturing & importing at scale
● Honed and focused skills in Content Marketing, with considerable AI and SEO experience

Wilcox Law Office Manager

06/2011 – 12/2020
● Grew the law firm to 5 employees, dozens of case contractors, and 11mm+ in best year
● Deep understanding of international law and regs: KYC, AML, int’l payments, tax efficiency
● Remote-first orientation; leveraged tech to collaborate with many contractors and clients

Coast Bike Share Founder & Director

01/2009 – 01/2014
● Succeeded in marketing, gov’t relations, law, ads, influence, investment and project mgmt.
● Developed numerous inputs with contractors: bikes, docks, app, website, locations, revenue
● Landed 1m+ investment, signed sponsor, hired team, deployed 600 bikes @ 60 docks

DeVry University HS Presenter

06/2007 – 06/2011
● Developed the Tampa Bay territory of 70+ high schools and more than 60,000 students
● Engaged school leadership to schedule and present for classes of 30 up to auditoriums of 200+
● Honed my public speaking skills over 8,000+ hours of stage time, with 80%+ response rate


Keller School of Management MBA Graduate

01/2009 – 06/2011
● Created Coast Bike Share as MBA capstone, received top marks and deployed 600 bikes

University of North Texas Baccalaureate of Arts

01/2000 – 06/2006
● BA Communications, Member and Treasurer of DPA, German Fluency, Minor in Economics

New Mexico Military Institute

01/1996 – 12/1999
● Performed with the NMMI Corps Band, winning Best Regional Band and Outstanding Soloist


Landmark Forum

● Graduate of Landmark Forum, Advanced Course, Communication, & Wisdom

Toastmasters International

● 4 year alum of Toastmasters Int’l: Adv. Communicator, Adv. Leader. Numerous speaking awards